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Privacy policy

This page is for privcacy policy.


  Return Policy




Stock products : 

If you  are not satisfied with your purchase ( only for inpor products no a custom product or import product with special requirement  )  , you can return the product and get a full refund or exchange the product for another one , be it similar or not ,customer will forfeit for shipping espenses.Using special ,upholstery fabrics or wood colors will be subject to a 35% re-stocking feet.   All items must be returned in original boxes





Custom Products:

All custom made products ordered , ( using custom dimensions , special wood,metal color or finish, upholstery fabric or vinyl ) can not be returned or cancelled , only if the order has not star production yet



Cancellation and Changes :

All orders Cannot be canceled , terminated or modified after costumer acceptance .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Costumer must summit a writing notice in order to make any changes or cancellation  to existing orders , if possible prior to the production of the order.





Shipping damage :

merchandise is F.O.B. Aleco Seating Inc. Own warehouse of its choice.  All merchandise will be shipped collect unless otherwise specified.  If you have a carrier that you prefer, please state that carrier on your order so that your discount will apply, otherwise your order will be shipped the best and cheapest way. Aleco Seating Inc.  carefully inspects all the finished products prior to the shipment.  When carrier accepts the shipment, the factory is released of any damage or loss claims. All merchandise should be inspected by the consignee upon arrival. Claims resulting from transport must be filed with the carrier.


Product Warranty :

Aleco Seating Inc. Furniture Wholesale provides the original purchaser one year structural warranty for its stackable metal chairs, wooden chairs, and other metal chairs from the date of the invoice date. The upholstery material should be under upholstery materials factory's warranty. The warranty does not cover apparent damage or wear caused by abusive or abnormal use or handling of the product. Any such misuse of the product will automatically void any warranty expressed or implied from any party.


More specifically, the following situations will automatically void such warranty:

  • Tilt any chair while sitting on it.

  • Rock any chair while sitting on it.

  • Pull or slide any chair while sitting on it.

  • Put fingers underneath any chair seat.

  • Stand on any product for any purpose.

  • Exceed the maximum weight of 250 pounds on any chair.

  • Expose any product to water, flame, gas, and excessive heat.

  • Any other abnormal use or handling not mentioned above.



Users must conduct periodic inspections to look for damage, looseness, or signs of structural fatigue occurring as a result of daily use and handling of our products. The inspections should include structural joints, corner blocks, welds and other points of stress, and fasteners (screws, nuts, bolts, etc.) which can loosen under normal contract use. If any deficiency is found, the product should be taken out of service immediately and user needs to contact dealer from whom the product was purchased.
All foams are flammable under certain conditions. Do not expose foam to flame or heat such as space heaters, open flame, unprotected lights, or smoking material. When foam comes in contact with sufficient heat, combustion occurs causing smoke and gasses to be released.
If such combustion occurs within an enclosed space, a danger of suffocation to the occupants exists from the depletion of oxygen.
Upholstery covers may also burn and react in a similar way as foam when exposed to sufficient heat. CARE SHOULD BE EXERCISED NEAR OPEN FLAME OR WITH BURNING MATERIALS.


Wood Products:  

Wood owes its inherent beauty to variations in color, graining, and texture in its natural state.  In the finishing process, our factories attempt to accent this beauty rather than subdue it.  Consequently, the chairs or tabletops you receive may not be a perfect color match to our samples. Similarly, there may be minor variations in color from one chair to the next or from one part of the product to the other part of the same product even though they are finished at the same time.  Because of these unique wood features, we can not accept returns or exchanges for the reasons of color variations on wood products.